’s Amazing Selling Machine Review: First Things First

A few months ago I read a news article about a medical study where the initial results were so one sided the researchers felt an ethical obligation to shut down the study early to make immediate recommendations to people to people affected by the disease being studied.

As I sit down to write this Amazing Selling Machine review I’m in sort of a similar position. I’m going to do the full review, but my conclusions are so strong that I feel the need to start with my recommendation:

If you are tired of chasing the IM lifestyle dream but coming up short, you need the Amazing Selling Machine. It is the greatest opportunity I have seen for average people to build significant long term online businesses that produce income at levels unimaginable for that vast percentage of the population.

I attended the ASM live event back in January and I was absolutely shocked how many people I met who doing $20,000, $50,000 even $100,000 and more in sales…per month! These were people who started their businesses in April or November of last year, and most of them had never achieved an significant online success in the past.


Real people who are finally making their dreams come true.

Whether or not you will achieve similarly spectacular results depends on you. The ASM system flat out works, but only if you work the system.


Here’s what you get in Amazing Selling Machine:

8 weeks of easy to follow lessons- These lessons are broken into segments that are easy to follow. The segments each contain step by step instructions, as well as videos to show you how to do the steps. They can also be done at your own pace, which is nice if you get a little behind.


Weekly Review Call-

 These are a great way to have a range of questions answered about the weekly training. They are generally done by Jason and/or Matt, plus sometimes special guests, and the also generally take questions.

Foolproof Review System-
You are shown how to gain reviews on Amazon, which are so essential to receiving rankings and more sales. Reviews are so important but can be hard to obtain if you don’t know how to do it. That is why this segment is very beneficial. Once people started posting reviews about my product, it went from page 16 in our keyword group, to page 3 in just a matter of a couple days.

Amazon and Google Ranking tools-

 You are not only receiving training, but several software tools to help you rank on both Amazon, Google and YouTube for pretty much any keyword. There are no tricks or gimmicks involved here, just real tools that have been proven to work every time. When you are a member of Amazing Selling Machine, software is provided that will boost the traffic to your Amazon storefront, social media sites, Youtube videos, and your website.


Instructions on how to set up your Amazon seller account and page-
My favorite aspect of Amazing Selling Machine is the fact that it utilizes the power of one of the largest and most trusted online stores in the world. Pretty much everyone who uses the internet has either heard of Amazon or has used it themselves. With Amazing Selling Machine, you are given a step by step process on how to build your storefront so visitors feel comfortable and confident when purchasing from you.

You build your own brand-
Amazing Selling Machine is made to enable you to build your own brand. You learn how to create a REAL business with REAL customers. There are videos and software to help you decide on a product, find manufacturers, create your brand, order product, and then effectively sell that product. Your business is in your own hands. ASM doesn’t take profits from sales. All they do is teach you how to generate those sales and how to find the best product for your company. It’s simple. Really!

Are you starting to see why I even bothered writing this Amazing Selling Machine review? I really want you to know the potential this product and your future business have.

This system is not just another affiliate marketing program, it consists of selling physical objects on Amazon. And even though it uses tactics similar to those used in affiliate marketing, it is much more. It takes effort on your part, but most likely not any more effort than you have already been putting into chasing the latest shining object.


There are definitely some pros and cons associated with this program. Some of which have nothing to do with the actual program and more to do with how building a business works. I decided it would be good for you to know them.

* Simple and easy steps on how to find a manufacturer
* Tells you what you need to do to build up your product
* Shows you how to find products with the greatest chance of succeeding
* Gives you tools promote your product through, Google, and social media sites
* You learn how to create an authoritative brand that lasts
* Selling on is easy
* Provides tons of resources for accomplishing each task

* Takes daily effort to get the brand up and going
* Finding a manufacturer can sometimes take longer than you would like
* Money is required to build up the business (obvious, I know), get samples, supplies, and get things set up
* Minimum order quantities from manufacturers can be quite large to get the best prices (depending on the product)
* Not necessarily for someone on a tight budget

Now, these aren’t all of the pros and cons but they are the ones I felt like mattered most. I also feel like the pros outweighed the cons for me. Every business venture has risks involved, but with the tools ASM provides the risks can be lower than doing it on your own. Knowing where to start and where to go are key. That is exactly what Amazing Selling Machine provides.

I know you will benefit from the ASM system, so just mull it over and make sure you make the decision that is right for you. Be smart and don’t do something that you can’t afford or handle, but like I said at the beginning of this Amazing Selling Machine review, this is the best opportunity I have have ever seen for regular people to build a super successful online business.


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