IMSoup Video Genesis Bonus Provides What’s Missing From Video Genesis

Mark Olson

*******7/20/2013 UPDATE — NEW BONUS ADDED*******

I had to twist his arm, but my friend Chad Nicely agreed to let me give you his Total PR Domination course, which sells every day for $199, as a part of the Video Genesis Bonus.

Total PR Domination is the perfect addition (bonus to the bonus?) because it will let you make the most of the 6 month membership I’m already giving you to my MassMediaSEO premium press release service.

By the time you finish VG and my bonus materials, you’ll not only be an expert at making, ranking and driving traffic to videos, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to use press releases to drive rankings and traffic to any website you wish.

If you would like more information about the Total PR Domination course, please click here.


Hi, I’m Mark Olson, publisher of, creator of the best-selling TubeBlueprint course, and desktop software applications TubeTracker and TubeDetective.  I know my stuff when comes to ranking and promoting videos, but I’ll admit that I’ve got a lot to learn about making good marketing videos. 

That’s why I’m looking forward to Video Genesis.  In many respects Video Genesis is like Andy Jenkins’ earlier Video Boss product.  It not only provides all the technical knowledge you need to make killer videos, but adds the secrets sauce to make them effective for marketer, including what types of video to use in different situations, the psychology of selling on video, etc. (All at a fraction of the price of Video Boss.)

However, Video Genesis is missing one vital component.

Tell me, what if you make the most amazing video ever and no one ever sees it?  Video Genesis is hands down the best marketing video creation course to date, but it doesn’t tell you how to get traffic to your videos. That is where my Video Genesis Bonus comes in.

Video Genesis is about making videos.  I’m going to teach you and give my personal tools to promote those videos and rank them at the top of YouTube’s toughest nichesTo be most effective, you need both.

Combined, Video Genesis and my Video Genesis bonus make a knockout ONE – TWO PUNCH!



Here is what you will get:

Bonus #1: TubeBlueprint Video Ranking Course ($47 True Retail Value)



TubeBlueprint has helped thousands of people learn how to rank their videos at the top of YouTube. In fact, it helped so many people that it became one of the top selling WSOs of 2012.  Now it is back, newly updated for 2013 and ready to help you dominate your video niches.

TubeBlueprint will teach you how to put your videos at the TOP of YouTube search results in even the most competitive niches.  It will teach you how to get more video views and, in turn, more traffic to your website and more authority for your business.  You will learn how to turn your YouTube channels into AUTHORITY POWERHOUSES that attract views, subscribers (and even Google rankings) like a magnet, and how to make your videos rank highly the INSTANT you upload them…without even building backlinks, views or anything else.


Bonus #2: Six Months of Premium Press Release Distribution Through MassMediaSEO (Get your videos on page one in minutes!) ($772 True Retail Value)

MassMediaSEOI probably should call this bonus a “Six Month Subscription to My YouTube Rankings Secret Weapon.”

Press releases are a great way to drive traffic and get news out about your businesses, your websites, etc., but few people realize how powerful press releases are as part of a video ranking strategy. In many markets a single release put out by MassMediaSEO is all it takes to put a video on page one of the SERPs. I was a client of MMSEO for a long time and was always blown away by the results they delivered…so much so that when the opportunity arose I bought the company!

With this bonus you will be able to distribute unlimited press releases each month to the top news outlets in the U.S.  Not will they link back to your videos with anchor text of your choice, but you can embed a video with each release.  You will see your releases on top news sites such as Google News, Bing News, ABC, NBC, CNN and more.

And you won’t be limited to using your unlimited premium press release distribution service for videos; you will be able to distribute unlimited releases about your websites, businesses, etc.

Bonus #3: TubeTracker Software ($97 True Retail Value)



You will receive a free license to my desktop TubeTracker Software, which works on both Macs and PCs.

With TubeTracker you will no longer be flying blind, not knowing where your videos sit in the YouTube and Google Video rankings (nor will you have to waste time tracking them manually!) You will be able to tell instantly what rankings techniques are working and which are not delivering a bang for your buck.

TubeTracker will track and record daily fluctuations in your YouTube and Google video rankings for unlimited videos and unlimited keywords, all on autopilot. You can export data, and even print client reports directly from the software. ($97 Retail Value)



Click Here To Buy Video Genesis and Claim Your Bonus


Bonus #4: Top Secret YouTube Software ($97 True Retail Value)

Top Secret!This bonus is the latest bit of software cooked up by my full-time programmer in the IMSoup labs.

This desktop application is not only pre-launch, but it is so top secret that I can’t even reveal what it does! (I’d tell you but then I’d have to shoot you…) Suffice it to say that you will be very happy to have it.

Actually, I guess I can give you a little teaser… set this baby up, turn it on, sit back, and count the dollar signs as you see more views, more comments, more channel subscribers and….get this….more subscribers added to your email list! ($97 Retail Value)



Bonus #5: Private, Closed Door Video Marketing Session

Join me for a private closed door webinar about the latest YouTube updates, news about new software and conversion techniques coming out of my labs and more.  This is the only time I’ll be revealing this information, and it is only for people interested in making quality videos (like you’ll learn with Video Genesis) and promoting them the right way with TubeBlueprint, MassMediaSEO, etc.


Bonus #6: A Chance to Win a Free GoPro Video Camera

mark with Gopro

I’ve been running a contest during the Video Genesis pre-launch for a free GoPro video camera. I certainly don’t want any of my buyers to miss a chance to get in on the action! If you buy via the link on this page I’ll enter you into the contest.

In fact, I think I’ll give my buyers 5 entries into the contest! If you already entered the contest those will be in addition to your original entry.

And if you haven’t yet entered, or would like more info about the contest, just click here.


Be Sure to Clear Browser Cookies Before Buying

I’m sure you are going to want to want to take advantage of the bonus package, so to ensure that you get credit for your purchase I advise clearing your cookies first. If you aren’t sure how to do that, you can find instructions for just about any browser right here (hey, does anyone still use Netscape Navigator!!)




Instructions for Claiming Your Bonus

Once you have completed your Video Genesis purchase just click here and fill out the form so I can send you the bonus. I’ll need your full (real) name and the best email at which to reach you…and let’s have you include your telephone number as well just in case I have any questions. Also include your Video Genesis Transaction ID so that I know that you actually bought with my link!

See you in the Video Genesis members area!


If you have any problems, feel free to email me at support [‘at’]

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