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Content marketing is all the rage now, at least as a buzz word. It’s not as if it’s anything new. However, it does require that you actually create content, which can become difficult if you’re on a regular schedule and often find yourself lacking for ideas. Want some quick ideas to get you out of that creative hole? Here are a few tried and tested ones.

The How-to Post

Maybe you’re good at something that a lot of people aren’t. Does your mom keep asking you to connect her phone to the home WiFi router? Think of this as a problem your readers regularly have. Why not write a tutorial to help them out? According to Search Engine Watch:

Putting together a guide for your audience as to how they can best use the XJ-47 or Bing Webmaster Tools can help them to recognize you as an educational resource that they need to keep coming back to.

Check the Blog Comments

If you’re like me, you probably check out the comments section of an interesting post because that’s where things get really interesting. Check out what your readers are discussing. Is there a misconception that could be clarified? Did someone post a question in the comments that you can answer in detail? Make a blog post out of it! Enchanting Marketing says:

Check your blog comments for questions your readers have asked and answer them in your blog post. If you don’t get many comments, check a popular blog that’s read by your ideal readers or ask a question in your e-newsletter. Derek Halpern recommends asking your readers what they’re struggling with as soon as they sign up to your newsletter.

Make a List of Top New Products

If you’ve ever checked out the market for something and wanted to make sure you got the most for your money, you’ve probably checked out a top ten list or two. People just love lists when it comes to these kinds of things, so maybe you should make one too. says:

People are drawn in by superlatives. Share lists of the highs and lows related to your industry, ones that pique readers’ curiosity. You may opt to give an overall intro to the list plus more or less info on each to explain its ranking. Link to any resources you use in your research.

Write a Buying Guide

Even better than a ranked list is a buying guide that actually educates your readers on how to make better purchases rather than just highlighting what’s already out in the market. Enchanting Marketing says:

Provide a buying guide with genuine advice. If you’re a virtual assistant, you can write about how to select and interview a new virtual assistant. If you’re a life coach, you can be honest about what a coach can and can’t help people with.

This kind of post, like a how-to post, is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche and will keep people coming back for more where that came from.

Bring the Hate With an Attack Post

Before we continue further, I should warn you that this next tip should be used sparingly. It’s usually best to disagree with someone respectfully than to torch them in an attack post, but there are just those times when they deserve it. Remember those crazy rules Microsoft tried with the Xbox One? Search Engine Watch says:

Be very careful using this, as it’s a polarizing tactic that can very easily backfire. Generally, it’s better to respectfully disagree with someone than disrespectfully. It can, and has worked for certain people and brands, but it really does run the risk of alienating people or causing an online flame war in which nobody comes out ahead.

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