3 Step Affiliate Promo Strategy For Webinar Affiliates

After agreeing to host an affiliate webinar with Gary and Patrick from the Ranking Factory for their new Google Sites PBN course and tool, i started to think on ways to maximize traffic to the webinar sessions and also for the post webinar email promotions.

Affiliate promotions through hosting webinars can be very lucrative, and it’s not unusual to generate $5000 to $10,000 commissions for not a lot of work, even if you do not have a massive email list.

I came up with a simple 3 step affiliate promotion strategy for webinar affiliates that takes very little effort and maximizes a remarketing audience i have been building on YouTube.

Last month i ran a YouTube ad campaign with a simple targeting twist, and that was to target the biggest AI video maker tools SEO keywords and branded keywords with YouTube ads.

It’s a pretty straightforward setup, which you can watch here (on this YouTube playlist)

What i didn’t expect was how low cost this would be as i was getting video views at $0.002 each, and what i really liked about it was that i was building a remarketing audience from it that i knew would be really useful for more scalable Google search ads.

With the Ranking Factory webinar coming up, this would be an ideal time to test that audience, and segment those interested in SEO into another search marketing optimization audience.

That gave me the idea for this 3 step affiliate webinar promotion strategy, here it is…

Step 1 – Recorded webinar preview discussion

Gary Affron agreed to jump on a Streamyard session where we did a preview of the webinar and what to expect, and talked about what his product is and showed some incredible proof of results.
700 page 1 results from 1000 posts, is enough to peak the interest of the majority of my audience.

This was recorded and added to YouTube, ready for for me to make it public and start driving traffic to it via my email list and YouTube subscribers, and start building up the Demio webinar registrations

This will also be boosted with the remarketing campaign.

You can watch that webinar preview session here


Step 2 – Promote the webinar attendee bonuses

By not revealing a specific attendee bonus on the webinar preview, i can test different bonuses and see which one generates most registrations.

Sure, it means giving more than one bonus, but the bonus doesn’t have to cost anything, and it can be as simple as a training video or a case study, as long as it’s something that the audience will want to get their hands on. It also provides a value stacking opportunity on the build up to the webinar with more pre webinar promo emails highlighting each ‘attendee only’ bonus.

Step 3 – Webinar replay promotion

This is where most money is made and can be the difference between 5 figure promos or a disappointing affiliate campaign.

The key here is to have an autoresponder setup for the email list that you add your webinar registrations to.

To create a follow up sequence you will want 4 emails in total.

  1. Replay announcement and use some positive comments from the webinar. Most webinar platforms will have a downloaded chat history for every webinar.
  2. Proof Angle. By highlighting the proof of results, in this case it would be “700 page 1 rankings from 1000 Google site posts”, to peak the interest. Make sure you emphasize the ease in which the results have been achieved, and that it can work for your own case studies and proof of results too.
  3. FAQ email. By providing an FAQ email you can meet objections for anyone sitting on the fence. This is a crucial email that cannot be skipped. You can get ChatGPT to highlight these for you.
  4. Closing email. Use FOMO (the fear of missing out) and emphasize what they will be missing out on with this email if they don’t act now. It doesn’t mean that your promo ends with this final autoresponder email but you can warn that your bonuses or discounts will end.
    Reiterate the proof from email 2 and remind them of your bonus.

Also add a paragraph or two about any bonuses that you are giving to anyone who purchases from your link, and don’t forget to tell them what to do to claim their bonus. Add this to the bottom of all 4 emails.

The autoresponder series is for anyone who registered for the webinar. Not all of those will turn up and you will still need to email other people on your list that didn’t register.

You can transcribe and summarize your webinar replay with the Creator ML chrome extension and then pick out some unique angles for your broadcast emails.

One thing i like about Gary and Patrick’s webinars is that they always bring on a real customer to share their success stories. This is perfect for your first broadcast email to your broader list with those folks that didn’t register for the live webinar.

Convert the replay to an evergreen webinar.

demio webinar software

I use Demio, and this is a feature i can use immediately and continue to drive traffic long term (as long as they continue to pay affiliate commissions.)

You can redirect future email list opt-ins to evergreen webinars, or use it for promotions on days where you want to promote something, but there may not be much in the way of decent products to promote. That happens often, even when you use a promotion calendar and try to plan ahead.

Turn your webinar replay videos into viral shorts

However, the best way by far to promote evergreen webinars in by taking the replay recording and split it into shorter videos, and use those videos to drive traffic to the full webinar replay by using YouTube SEO, Social media, and YouTube ads and remarketing viewers of those ads with Google search ads.

You can turn videos into shorts with AI, by using Klapp app (powered by Open Ai) or Opus Clip. Both apps turn webinars into 10 shorter videos with a single click, they provide virality scores for each clip, and they provide captions for better engagement. Both apps are very good, super easy to use, and both offer a free trial.

In addition, both apps will identify 10 unique angles from your reply that you can choose to highlight in your affiliate promotions. You can use the clips in your emails too.

Klap app dashboard

Both apps (Klapp app above and Opus Clip app below) show virality score and Opus clip can post the YouTube shorts with captions directly into YouTube.

Opus clip dashboard

Most webinar platforms will have an evergreen webinar feature, or you can keep an eye on appsumo for one as they regularly have webinar software deals.

That’s it!

I’ll post an update on here when we have run the webinar with number of attendees, earnings to date and my thoughts on how the affiliate webinar promotion went.

And don’t forget to ask for a reciprocal webinar, if you have your own webinars that you would like to present. It’s a win-win situation and builds long term relationships.

What webinar traffic strategies have worked well for you as an affiliate?

Leave a comment below!

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